Saturday, October 10, 2009


This months giveaway is over and we have a couple of winners to annouce. Congratulations to our winners of this months giveaway-

Prize #1-The Stylish Princess Pink Flower is....... Ashleigh Hatch

Prize #1- Petite White Diamond Set goes to....... Mandi Wall

The winners have 3 days to contact me and claim their prize. If for any reason the winner does not claim their prize, another winner will be randomly selected.


Mandi said...

Yeah, I am so excited!! I need to come by anyway for reds, blacks and whites...our family pictures were rescheduled because of crappy weather so they are Tuesday afternoon. When is a good time to come by? Oh did I saw I was excited!!

Mandi said...

Oh Yeah! I am SO Excited I won!! I left a comment last night but for some reason it didn't save. I need to come by and see what you have in Reds, blacks, and whites for our pictures. When will a good time be for you? Oh did I say, I was so excited?

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